Why You Should Consider Inner Child Healing

Why You Should Consider Inner Child Healing


Inner child healing is a transformative psycho-spiritual process that addresses the unresolved emotional wounds from your childhood. It is important because these early experiences significantly shape your adult life. They have an impact on  your behaviors, relationships, and the way you perceive yourself.  Through this work of inner child healing, you can unlock profound personal growth and emotional well-being for yourself. This article explores why you should consider inner child healing and how it can positively impact various aspects of your life.

The Concept of the Inner Child

The inner child is a powerful concept representing the part of your subconscious that holds a rich store of memories, emotions, and experiences of your formative years. This inner child, operating from your subconscious mind, continues to influence your adult life,  without your conscious awareness until you take notice and begin working on it. Inner child healing involves reconnecting with and nurturing this aspect of yourself to acknowledge and heal the impact of past traumas in order to mature and grow.

Impact of Unresolved Childhood Wounds

1. Emotional Instability

Unstable adult lives are the result of unresolved childhood traumas. Sometimes the memory of these traumatic events are buried deep and the impact begins to show up as anxiety, depression, or unexplained sadness or anger. These emotional disturbances come up without warning and take away your stability and peace of mind. They make it impossible for you to function from day to day. 

2. Low self-awareness

When you are constantly depending on those around you to make you feel good or feel bad, it makes your life chaotic. You are on a roller coaster not knowing what might happen any moment. A difficult childhood created these dependencies. Either you were constantly expected to behave a certain way without any access to develop your own responses or were mostly abandoned and left to your own resources thereby not giving you an opportunity to build social skills. Your lack of self-awareness leaves you confused and full of questions on how to understand any situation. This in turn reflects as poor decision making and may cause mood fluctuations. 

3. Mal-adaptive coping showing up as negative behavior patterns

A wounded child struggles to cope with abusive situations. In the course of this survival battle, they stumble on unique ways of avoiding facing reality. Sometimes these mal-adaptive coping mechanisms become even pathological disorders like addiction to substances, eating or self sabotaging one’s own growth and progress. “Hurt people hurt people.” Therefore a wounded child grows up to be aggressive or lives in victimhood. In both cases they hurt themselves or others. 

The Benefits of Inner Child Healing

1. Emotional Healing and Stability

Inner child healing gets you to look at your emotional wounds and heal them. You are addressing the little child within you and can feel their pain, isolation and desperation. The adult you who is functioning well in at least certain areas of your life is able to take this child into your loving arms and soothe them. You can communicate that it is okay and you are there to nurture them. This helps them heal and you experience the benefit of this healing. You begin freeing yourself up from trauma, leading to greater emotional stability and balance. This process can reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other emotional disturbances, enhancing your overall mental health.

2. Increased Self-Awareness

Once your inner child begins to heal you understand  the roots of your emotional responses. You begin to develop and increase self-awareness. Your self-awareness keeps you safe and allows you to interpret difficult situations accurately. It allows you to set realistic goals for yourself. These goals include recognizing and addressing negative patterns. They lead to more conscious and intentional living.

3. Healthy Relationships

As you heal your inner child you begin to see who you have been in your relationships. Whether you find it difficult to trust your partner, co-workers or friends, you clearly see this as the impact of your past baggage. You can free yourself from the patterns you developed to cope with childhood trauma. You can show up as yourself in your relationships. You don’t need to pretend to be over helpful or aloof to be seen and heard. Likewise you can give yourself permission to be kind and loving without worrying it will put you at a disadvantage. A healed inner child is the foundation for healthy relationships – both personal and professional. 

  1. Enhanced Self-Esteem and Confidence

If you were verbally, physically or sexually abused in childhood, you ended up believing that you were at fault. You hated the adults who were abusing or neglecting you and still depended on them for survival. Once you take charge of nurturing and loving your inner child, you become your own friendly and caring parent. You have no one to fear or worry about being attacked. You can now feel confident handling situations and responding to people in your life.  You thus boost your confidence and self-esteem which in turn allow you to accomplish your goals.

5. Personal Empowerment

When you heal your Inner child, you feel empowered to reclaim control over your life. By addressing and releasing the emotional hold that past traumas have over you, you can live more authentically and assertively. Inner child healing allows you to prioritise your goals, indeed prioritise yourself. This new healed self is a joy and life begins to transform.

Long-Term Benefits of Inner Child Healing

1. Greater  Resilience

As your  new sense of self begins to navigate your life, you find it easier to bounce back from and learn from your mistakes. Your self-acceptance is an important factor, allowing you to cope more effectively with unforeseen challenges and setbacks.You take on new goals cheerfully, empowered by the self-love you now have. 

2. Enhanced Growth

Inner child healing supports your growth by helping you understand and integrate all parts of you. This is a departure from rejecting the uncomfortable parts of you. You are now able to integrate all parts of you and this helps you grow personally and professionally. You have more time and energy for new projects and greater patience with yourself. 

  1. Better Physical Health

Once childhood trauma begins to dissolve, the chronic stress you battled comes down. The stress related disorders also begin to heal. You find a childlike joy in life and this brings back your energy and vitality. Exercise no longer feels like a chore. You enjoy playing sports and push your limits too. You eat food that nourishes you and meets your body’s needs rather than your mind’s temptations. Naturally therefore your body restores itself to a place of vibrant health. The quality of sleep improves, there is a reduction in chronic pain, and even enhanced immune function.

4. Spiritual well-being

Inner child work restores peace and calm to your spirit as it heals your body and mind. Meditative practices now yield better results as you have cleared away the clutter of past pain, sadness and anger. Slowly but surely, you experience a profound sense of inner peace and contentment. 


Inner child healing is a must  for achieving emotional well-being, personal growth, and improved relationships. When you acknowledge  and heal your  wounds from childhood, you advance on a pathway of  breaking  free from negative patterns, improve your physical and mental health, enhance your self-worth, and lead a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Call to Action

If you wish to experience the benefits of  for inner child healing, consider taking the first steps today. Get in touch for a personal session that focuses on inner child healing and recovery or sign up for the next available group session of the Inner Child Workshop. 


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