Discovering Your Inner Child: A Beginner’s Guide

Discovering Your Inner Child: A Beginner’s Guide


When we talk of the inner child, we are referring to the part of our subconscious where our childhood memories, emotions, and experiences reside. Discovering  this inner child and understanding its impact is the beginning of  healing and personal growth. This beginner’s guide will help you explore the concept of the inner child, understand its significance, and provide practical steps to start your journey.

What is the Inner Child?

The term inner child is a symbolic representation of the childlike aspects we carry within us – it is everything that we went through as children – both joyful and traumatic. This little version of ourselves  influences our adult behaviors, emotional responses, and relationships. Little do we realize it and yet the impact is too high to be overlooked. The attitudes we have are the patterns we have formed and analyzing these will not make sense till we get to the starting point of everything – our childhood.

Ways in which your Inner Child shows up

  • You act first and then judge your actions.
  • You are unable to express your emotions.
  • You end up having outbursts when you least expect to.
  • You feel misunderstood and keep explaining yourself.
  • Your relationships are difficult to navigate.
  • You find it difficult to stick to routines.
  • You don’t trust yourself or others. 
  • You have low self-worth and put yourself down most of the time.


Why Discovering Your Inner Child is Important

  1. Emotional Awareness: As you are coping with the emotional challenges in your life, are you going from one overwhelming day to another? Is it becoming too much to cope with? Are you even aware which emotion you are experiencing? These are important questions to ask before you attempt changing and improving yourself. Looking at yourself from the lens of your inner child can help you see clearly what you are feeling and see it with compassion. This is the beginning of healing your emotional issues.


  1. Healing Past Wounds: It could be that the past exerts such a strong influence on your thoughts, emotions and behavior that it is quite difficult to be in the present moment. Imagine a sore arm or leg constantly calling to be soothed and cared for. Would you be able to focus on running or swimming with it. What feels like something constantly aching and never quite closed is usually a childhood wound or wounds calling to be healed.  Acknowledging and healing childhood traumas leave you free to live with emotional and psychological well-being.


  1. Improved Relationships: When you are busy paying attention to keeping focussed on just the basic day to day business of managing conflicts and keeping above your fluctuating moods, you cannot be fully present in your relationships. Making peace with your inner child, seeing and hearing them and validating their pain completes your process of recognizing yourself. You then become ready to allow others to get to know you and build healthy relationships. Your connections are not threatening as they have been in the past. You can experience ease and fulfillment in your relationships.


  1. Personal Growth: When the clutter of unmanageable emotions, confusing narratives and distrust in people and situations is removed you are free to apply your talents to your chosen field. You can grow by keeping to the structure you lay out for yourself. You are free to choose goals for growing professionally, emotionally and spiritually – any direction that calls to you. 


Techniques for Connecting with Your Inner Child

  • Journaling:  When it comes to inner child healing, the most powerful technique is to write letters to and from your inner child. They help you to express love and offer  comfort and reassurance to your inner child. Likewise letters written by you from your inner child to you are an outlet to express long held feelings of sadness or despair knowing they will be heard and support will come. 


  • Guided Visualisations: These are designed to help you to see yourself in different stages of development. You connect with the infant, the toddler, the pre-schooler, the school aged child, even the adolescent in you to listen to what they are feeling and where they are stuck. 


  • Affirmations: Choose from a wide variety of affirmations, looking for the words that really resonate with you. Record them in your own voice calling yourself the name that you like being addressed by, and play them to soothe and motivate yourself. Eg – Little ——- I love the way you look, I love you just the way you are, you are special and unique, you have a beautiful voice, I will take care of you.


Discovering your inner child is a profound journey of transformation. It is the path to healing yourself and taking on powerful goals towards personal growth. You will be surprised how you start enjoying this journey once you embark on it. You create a safe space for yourself free from judgment and grow in strength and self esteem. It is surprising how a gentle process can help you conquer huge blocks to progress with love and compassion. Simple processes like visualization and journaling can go a long way in healing your wounds, building a resilient and happy sense of self, have healthy relationships and make progress in your professional life too. s.

Call to Action

If you’re ready to start discovering your inner child, take the first step today. Begin reflecting on your problems and check if they started long back. Get to the roots of your issues through the Inner Child Workshop where you are gently guided to walk through your childhood healing each stage as you go along.

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