The Power of Healing your Inner Child

The Power of Healing your Inner Child


Recovering from the wounds of a difficult childhood


Who am I

I am Meena Iyer, coach, healer and breathwork facilitator. I am writing to share my experiences in the fields of Holotropic Breathwork, Inner Child Healing and personal therapy and coaching.

Quick Intro and Disclaimer

I am Meena Iyer, coach, healer and breathwork facilitator. I have trained in counseling psychology, NLP, Hypnotherapy and breathwork facilitation. I have run my own de-addiction center in Gurgaon working individually and in groups with addicts, alcoholics and their families.I now offer one-on-one coaching and facilitate online and offline workshops/ retreats on Inner Child Healing and Breathwork. 

Here is a disclaimer too. As I share my knowledge, experience and skills, they are constantly evolving and transforming, keeping pace with my own growth. If you feel ready to embark on this journey taking responsibility for the outcomes, hop on. The information shared here is for educational purposes only and not meant to substitute any professional guidance. There could be material not from the public domain which has been used to illustrate or explain only and not for infringement of intellectual property rights. Pls do not copy or share in any manner and infringe intellectual property rights. Information here is as understood and applied by me. Pls use your discretion while applying the same.

Who is this post for (The Power of Healing your Inner Child)

If you 

  • Are aware that your childhood years were difficult.
  • Don’t have a clear memory of your childhood years and yet have a feeling in your gut that things were not pleasant.
  • Find yourself justifying the actions of people in your life knowing that you were hurt.
  • Feel confused about how to interpret things that happened in childhood.
  • Are already in therapy or coaching seeking to accelerate your healing. 
  • Are  actively seeking healing from significant emotional issues
  • Are dealing with loss – death of a loved one, divorce or a broken relationship.
  • Are looking to work on chronic unworkable behavior patterns.
  • Are in a toxic relationship at home or work.
  • Suffer from addictive behaviour – substances, activities or emotions.
  • Practice psychotherapeutic or energy healing modalities and wish to expand your knowledge.
  • You want to work on chronic or recent physical health issues.


Why am I writing this post? What are the benefits and outcomes?

Inner Child Healing is an important psychotherapeutic model conducted in groups or one-on-one. All our behaviour patterns can be traced back to our childhood experiences.

  1. Clarity – Your moods and emotions are no longer a mystery to you. You know the familiar aches and have accessed the little child who has faced them for many years. You clearly see the parts of you that were wounded and still feel painful or incomplete. 
  2. Willingness to let go of pain – When you see  the pain you have been holding on to, while resisting and denying it and know the impact this old pain has had on you and your life, it becomes easier. You become ready to release it.
  3. Healing – Letting go of pain, feeling the difficult feelings that were suppressed, ignored or avoided opens the doorway to true healing.
  4. Ease – Living day to day with the critical parent voice in your head becomes easier. You know that nothing bad will happen if you ignore the blaming and shaming that runs on auto-pilot till its volume goes down and it appears less and less often. 
  5. Choice – No longer do you feel without an option. You can choose to go with your new understanding of your vulnerability or continue pitting yourself against people and situations that are not kind to you.
  6. Assertiveness – This way of communication becomes possible. Your inner child relies on either aggression or remains passive allowing others to walk over you. You learn to be  firm without turning aggressive. You learn to act rather than react.. 
  7. Emotional Regulation – To hold your angry, sad, afraid, bored,hurt inner child and soothe them teaches you to first feel your feelings fully and allow to them be. 
  8. Community – You participate with a group of those you can trust and feel comfortable. Continued community support exists for you to champion your inner child.


The Concept of the Inner Child

The fascinating concept of the Inner Child, has its roots in history and psychology. Its transformative potential is given by how it pervades the layers of your subconscious mind. An inseparable part of you lies waiting for you to reconnect, reclaim and heal. Imagine, a part of you that you are not aware of – it shows up in your thoughts, emotions and behavior only to be dismissed, ignored or suppressed???   A mystery to be unraveled so you can experience the power of  self-awareness, deep connection, healing and belonging. 

Carl Jung first introduced the idea, referring to it as the “divine child” archetype –  a central part of the unconscious self. All our spiritual traditions recognize that as children we are pure, undefined and whole. The experiences of our childhood shape us and the ways in which we are shaped, spell out what we expect our lives to be like. In the 1960s and 1970s, transactional analysis by Eric Berne further explored this concept, highlighting the child ego state as one of three ego states (adult, parent and child) that influence behavior. Additionally, self help icon, John Bradshaw popularized the term “inner child”, emphasizing its role in recovering from codependency, addiction and building an empowering sense of self. This framework has since evolved, integrating insights from developmental psychology and trauma therapy.

Releasing the Inner Child from Captivity


Caught in your subconscious the Inner Child tries very hard to get your attention. Does any of this sound familiar?

  1. Emotional breakdowns at inappropriate moments.
  2. Getting angry, scared or sad and not knowing why.
  3. Regretting the things you say or do.
  4. Inability to change your habits in some areas of your life.
  5. Saying yes when you want to say NO.
  6. Letting people dominate or manipulate you.
  7. Feeling unsure, insecure or unstable in your relationships.
  8. Putting everyone else’s needs above yours

What if you knew that there is a little child trapped and unable to express their feelings? Would you not set that child free? How much of your constricted energy would then flow effortlessly to embrace all of life? What parts of your compassionate and loving self would come alive to accept and adore this little child? Would you like to meet and connect with this child first? 

Transformative Power of recognizing and healing your Inner Child

  1. Understanding Emotional Triggers: Recognizing your inner child and their story shows you how to identify emotional triggers rooted in childhood experiences. This awareness helps in understanding which situations provoke strong emotional responses, such as fear, anger, or sadness.
  2. Regulating Emotional Reactivity: When you know your triggers you are able to learn to manage your emotional responses. You can take care of yourself, not react and process and release the emotions when you are in a safer space. 
  3. Healing Unresolved Trauma: Resolving past trauma allows you to be okay with your sometimes irrational thoughts. You can be patient with yourself since you know when the thoughts first started. You can be your own healer to your wounded inner child. 
  4. Developing Self-Compassion: The understanding and compassion you feel naturally for others now becomes available to yourself. You see that you too deserve love, care, and nurturing.
  5. Nurture brings growth: You learn to guide yourself gently yet firmly to develop healthy habits, stick to your routines and be accountable to yourself. 

     6 Connecting with Authentic Self: You don’t need to be politically correct at the cost of             lying to yourself. You can honor the values that are dear to you without the fear of being                judged. 

  1. Authenticity includes Vulnerability: Being true to yourself means allowing your vulnerability and accepting it.


The power of healing your child begins with seeing the forgotten parts of yourself, integrating them with love, care and nurture. It develops you into the person you have the potential to BE. You grow in strength while embracing your vulnerability and this reflects in every aspect of your life- your health, relationships, work, creativity, passion and spirituality. 

Dates :- 19, 20, 21 ,26, 27, 28th June

Timings :- 2.30 to 5.30 pm

Fee:- Rs 16,000/-


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